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"Alone we are strong...

together we are unstoppable."

We Art One Collective is a group of creative individuals who have joined forces to discuss, create, and develop dynamic experiences for the community. The Collective is open to all active artists in pursuit of expanding their careers and in developing a strong, diverse arts community.

The Collective brings together various creative practices in unique monthly forums, in order to plan and stage public events, pop-up exhibitions, and stimulating experiences. We also tutor, volunteer, and curate various other art related activities and events.

We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with all of our pursuits.



We’re committed to investing our expertise and resources in order to further achieve our cause.

Hispanic Heritage

Author Talk: Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez

Artists Talk: Nancy Mendez, Patricia Santos & Jose Gonzalez

Location: Philipse Manor Hall

29 Warburton Ave

Yonkers NY

September 20, 2020


Friends & Neighbors

Warburton Galerie

Artists: Nancy Mendez, Stefano Guida & Casandra Maniotis

September 19, 2021


Women to the Fore Exhibition

Hudson River Museum

Artists: Nancy Mendez, Patricia Santos & Katori Walker

Sept 18, 2020- January 3, 2021


Back to School Book bag Drive

Location: Yonkers Christian Assembly (YCA)

By: Pamela’s Big Heart Foundation Inc.

Sponsored By: We Art One Collective

September 6, 2020


A Man of Popularity- Painting

Artist: Jose Gonzalez

Location: Growlers Beer Bistro

25 Main St

Tuckahoe NY 10707

September 2, 2020


BLM- Mural

Yonkers City Hall

Sponsored By: Yonkers Arts

August 30, 2020


Womxn’s Empowerment March

Yonkers NY

Hosted By: LatinX Vote, Que Paso Latina, Yonkers Running Project, Yonkers Sanctuary Movement & We Art One Collective (Patricia Santos)

August 30, 2020



Intro to Healing Workshop- Sound Bowls & Yoga

By: Community Connections For Youth

Instructor: Patricia Santos

August 11, 2020


Mindfulness & Music-Healing Our Westchester

Beczack Center

35 Alexander Street

Yonkers NY

Sponsored By: The Powerlab, We Art One Collective, Crossover Yoga Project, Yonkers Arts. RosesxRhyme & Soulbox Entertainment

August 8, 2020

Yonkers Police Academy- Athletics League

PAL Boxing Gym- Mural Honoring Sal

Artist: Jose Gonzalez

January 2020

Yonkers Police Academy- Athletics League

Basketball Court Floor Mural

Artist: Jose Gonzalez

January 2020

The Loft

Hosted By: Yonkers Arts

Curated By: We Art One Collective

Location: Trolley Barn Lofts

November 16, 2019

My Brother's Keeper- MBK

3rd Anniversary Celerbration

Held in: Yonkers Public Library

Artist Feature: Stefano Guida

November 15, 2019

Community Builder Mixer

By: Collective for a Cause

Located: Yonkers Riverfront Library

Art donated by: Patricia Santos

November 14, 2019

The Riverdale Press

Whats On Feature: Yonkers Collective WeArtOne performs at Metro 92, now known as Trolley Barn Lofts

November 10, 2019

Yonkers Rising Newspaper

Article Vol 113 #45: Upcoming Art Speak Event features WeArtOne Collective

November 8, 2019


Making Art, Making Community: Variations in Medium & Method

By: Sara  Lawrence College Center for the Urban River at Beczak

Artist Speak: Patricia Santos

October 28, 2019

Meet & Greet

Held By: Maria Alfaro of @quepasolatina

Guapo Restaurant: 10 Warburton Ave, Yonkers NY 10701

August 10, 2019

Spring Fling on the Hudson!

By: YoFi Inaugural fundraiser

Held in: Alder Manor Gala

Painting Donated for Auction

Artists: Patricia Santos, Jose Gonzalez, Nancy Mendez & Casandra Maniotis

June 6, 2019

The Foundation for the Yonkers Public Library- Spring Gala

Guest: Sandra Cisneros

Painting Auction: "Shifting the layers"

Artist: Patricia Santos

May 20, 2019

YOHO-Open Studio, #549

578 Nepperhan Ave,

Yonkers NY 10701

May 18- May 19, 2019

Yonkers Arts Showcase

86 Main Street

Yonkers NY 10701

May 18- May 19, 2019

Yonkers Rising Newspaper

Article Vol 113 #20: CMAD to Unveil Inaugural Mural

May 16, 2019


The Golden Flower-Mural

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

By: City Of Yonkers

Design by: Jose Gonzalez

Assisted by: Nancy Mendez & Patricia Santos

(3 Guardian's on side of building by Michael Cuomo)

May 16, 2019


Arts & Culture Round Table

Held in: Warburton Galerie

Hosted by: Evan Bishop & Katori Walker

May 11, 2019

Yonkers Rising Newspaper

Article Vol 113 #18: We Art 1 to be Featured at YAW

Artists: Jose Gonzalez, Patricia Santos & Nancy Mendez

May 09, 2019

The Mill

Safety Fence Temporary Mural

Design by: Stefano Guida

Assisted by: Nancy Mendez, Jose Gonzalez & Patricia Santos

May 08, 2019

Yonkers Rising Newspaper

Article Vol 113 #19: Surrealist Gonzalez Paints From Experience at YOHO

Artist: Jose Gonzalez

May 03, 2019

The Hangover Takeover-Podcast

Hosted by: The Standby Gypsy & Juju The Model

April 29, 2019


The Golden Flower-Mural

Nepperhan Heights Real Estate/ Adam Shultz- Yonkers Arts

By: We Art 1 Collective

Design by: Jose Gonzalez

Assisted by: Nancy Mendez & Patricia Santos

(3 Guardian's by Michael Cuomo)

April 14, 2019


In Studio Series, "No you're weird"

By: We Art 1 Collective

April 6, 2019

The Bridge- Jazz & Art Event

(invite only)

By: The Bridge

Located: We Art 1 Collective

March 8, 2019

Hive Juice Lab (Westchester NY-First Natural Juice Bus)

By: We Art 1 Collective

July 2018

Celerbrate Irvington

By: We Art 1 Collective

June 23, 2018

YAW- Open Studio-578 Nepperhan Ave, Yonkers NY 10701

May 5- May 6, 2018

CMAD at YAW-Festival -578 Nepperhan Ave, Yonkers NY 10701

May 5- May 6, 2018

NYC Community Gardens- Earth Day Banner

BY: We Art 1 Collective

Collaboration with Artists: Casandra Teresa Maniotis & Jose Gonzalez 

April 21, 2018

The Art of the Woman

By: We Art 1 Collective

@ Power Lab: 45 Ludlow St, Suite 310-Yonkers, NY 10705


March 24 - April 24, 2018

We Art 1 Collective

@ Power Lab: 45 Ludlow St, Suite 310, YonkersNY 10705

Art Exhibit

September 2017

Off the Page

Art Exhibit 

@ Blue Door Art Center: 13 Riverdale Avenue, Yonkers NY 10705

July- August 2015




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